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Foliaa was founded on the basis of transforming everyday spaces into more visually appealing environments with the use of eye catching foliage. We are firm believers in the benefits plants bring: from purifying the air to providing a beautiful aesthetic, plants are truly the best way to enrich your atmosphere.


Folia, translated from Latin, means leaves (foliage). In the plant world, every plant has a specific Latin name that helps properly identify it by its unique characteristics. Our special twist on the word, with two A's at the end, connects us to our roots as we, the founders of the company, have names that start with the letter A.  With a little bit of Latin, and a whole lot of passion, Foliaa was born.

Let us provide you with a curated design that will get people talking about your business or home. And fear not, we will help maintain the health of your plants for years to come.

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