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Liven Up Any Commercial or Residential Space with the Perfect Plants


Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Rotating Seasonal Flowers and Plants


Bring Warmth, Beauty, and Class to Your Next Special Event


Ensure the Health of Your Plants with Regular Visits from Our Horticulture Experts


Interior Plant Design

Our design specialists are experts in livening up any environment. During the collaborative design process we curate an aesthetic for you to enjoy. We’ll do an environmental assessment, size the plants appropriately, and place them in their optimal location. Once the design is complete we install the plants and can set up a plant care schedule for your convenience.


Rotating Seasonal Exterior Plants

This program allows you to have a continuous rotation of the most beautiful flowering plants available without lifting a finger. Every season, we will provide you with the right plants that will add curb appeal to your patio or entrance. You can opt in for a 4 season package, or piece together the right mixture of seasons to fit your needs. All installation will include weekly maintenance to provide season long beauty.


Special Event Rentals

Why waste money on cut flowers that die fast when you can provide living beauty to any occasion. Our experts will work with you or your design team to select an assortment of high quality foliage. Our program can be structured for daily or extended term rentals, with delivery and installation available. So order your dream plants today and sit back and relax. This option is great for weddings, banquets, and parties. 


Plant Care and 

Regular Maintenance

Our plant care service includes regular visits which allow you to enjoy your beautiful foliage without the worry. We’ll fill you in on a little secret: it’s not just about the water. Plants require more than a leftover water bottle splashed on them as you’re walking out the door. We’ll take care of moisture control, proper pruning, cleaning, and the elimination of those pesky critters that love your plants almost as much as you do. 

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